Co-Packing Information


Sauce Crafters has been in the co-packing business for 30 years which has resulted in a culmination of knowledge and connections for you and your sauces. We offer top notch service to either transfer your current sauces to us or to start up an entirely new project. We welcome anyone who wants to get into the business and look forward to helping you take your sauces to the next level. Give us a call or shoot us an email to contact us about getting started.

We start with a consultation over the phone, or an in-person meeting with you to establish if we are able to produce your sauce based on process, ingredients, thickness, etc. If it is determined that it is possible to do it, then we request a sample to see the product and to Ph test it. Then we move to test batching, nutrition panel, process authority, label creation, and barcode if needed.

Once your sauce is made, we offer some other services for your convenience. You have the option to warehouse your product with us, that way you do not need to find a place to store it. When we warehouse it, we also provide shipping services for you. We can ship everything from one bottle up to multiple pallets at a time, whatever and wherever you need. Additionally, for products kept in our warehouse we can post them on our website and send them out as samples to distributors and stores who we supply product to.